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I've always loved the feeling of sand between my toes, floating in the ocean and sunbathing in my favourite swimmers. Over the years, however, I noticed most swimwear doesn't last longer than one season because it's cheaply made. Fast fashion is devastating for our planet and its resources.

I've always dreamed of creating my own eco-friendly swimwear line. Moving from the UK to Australia and spending most of the year in bikinis made me finally take the plunge. For a while I was hesitant because I thought: "Does the planet really need another sustainable swimwear line?" - Yes, it does! (Read in the blog how I made up my mind.)

My mission is to provide truly eco-friendly and ethical products while bringing awareness to sustainable consumerism. I hope I can make a positive impact on the world and fight against fast fashion with my timeless, high quality, luxe finish pieces that make anyone feel fabulous. All products are made from 100% recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets by garment workers that enjoy above-average pay and many more benefits in their workplace.


If you've followed my journey over the last years, you know that I've always cared deeply about helping the planet and its inhabitants. With every purchase you make, you contribute to chosen charities. We are working on a donations counter to show how you are helping me help others.

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