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Behind the Sustainable Scenes E2: The Journey of Providing Plus Size Options

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash.

From the start of XALI it was clear that we wanted to offer a wide variety of sizes. There are so many different shapes of bums, bellies and boobs. We think everyone deserves to be able to find cute coverage in the dimensions they need.

The first drop will be starting at size extra-small and we can already provide bikinis up to size extra-large. Our goal is to expand the sizing up to 3XL in the future. Surely you’re wondering why we’re not providing these options from the get go?

Small start up means small scope

XALI started as a one-woman-enterprise. Everything revolved around and was done by Lauren: the creative decisions, the operational decisions and the planning. She tried and tested all the suits, communicated with the manufacturer, researched the best ways to plan the first drop and invested her own money into the business. All while working another time consuming job and taking care of her rescue animals. She wanted the best outcome possible: for the quality of swimsuits, for the customers, for the impact on the environment, but also for XALI being a small start up.

Even with all the planning and researching, you can never be fully sure of the actual demand once the products have launched, so Lauren made the safe decision to go with a limited amount of designs and small batches at first.

Quality control is key

It was Lauren’s desire to only provide premium quality and test all the swimsuits and bikinis on her own body. How do they feel? How’s the support? How well do they last if worn and washed regularly? Two bikini tops, two bottoms and two classic swimsuits made the cut. Their support and coverage ranges from minimal to medium. The small batch restrictions meant that XALI opted for offering the designs in sizes that are more likely to be sold. That’s the harder part of business: sometimes you have to make the safe choice instead of the one you really want to go for. We at XALI are thinking that humans with larger breasts might not buy the low and medium support designs, even if they were offered up to size 3XL. But we can’t be sure. Maybe you will want to buy them? This is where we require your feedback! Please let us know via e-mail or DM on Instagram if you’d desire to purchase any of the suits in the first collection in larger sizes and we’ll take note.

Last but not least: We want to offer larger sizes and high support options, but we want and need to test them thoroughly. That’s a process that just takes time and a job that Lauren can’t take on with her body shape. Therefore, XALI will partner with trusted humans that are able to truly test the feel and function of these designs and give us unadorned feedback. We’re really excited for this project, taking the business forward and being able to offer more choices for everybody!

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash.

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