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How to make your 2022 a little greener, inspired by the XALI tribe!

Jealous of everyone able to shop mango locally 😇

Another really weird year is coming to an end. December is a time many use to reflect upon the past 12 months and decide how to move forward. While we believe that you can adopt a "fresh start"-energy at any point in time, doing it at the same time as many others can give you that extra-momentum.

A few weeks ago we asked our community on instagram what actions they're consciously taking to live a greener life. The enthusiasm and amount of responses blew us away and we thought why not use them to help you inspire a few little lifestyle changes in 2022. So here's our master-list of the most-named planet-friendly habits that you dropped in our comments, in no particular order:

  1. Shop secondhand, if something isn't fit to buy secondhand, choose sustainable brands, shop small businesses, check if they're green "for real" or just greenwashing

  2. Fix things instead of replacing them

  3. Carry a reusable bag at all times (you'll be needing it without planning it so often!)

  4. Reduce plastic waste, for example by using beeswax paper to wrap food, shopping solid shampoo and soap bars, choosing loose produce over packaged produce

  5. Use natural beauty products to reduce water pollution

  6. Recycle, teach and inspire others to recycle

  7. Vote for politicians trying to enforce eco-friendly policies

  8. Zero or minimal waste bulk shopping

  9. Swap clothes with besties

  10. Plant a variety of plants and trees for biodiversity and supporting pollenating insects

  11. If geographically possible, live a car free life and use public transport, a bicycle or your feet to get to places

  12. If you need to use a car, see if car sharing is possible

  13. Choose holiday destinations you can get to by car or public transport. Set yourself a very low limit of flights per year, privately and in business

  14. Swap to eco friendly period products: period panties, washable pads, period cups or organic cotton tampons if the reusable products really don't work for you

  15. Swap things to reusable: straws, coffee cups, face wipes, cutlery and food containers for on the go, etc.

  16. Stop buying festive decorations or clothes (e.g. an "ugly Christmas jumper") - store and reuse what you have. It's gonna be like hugging old friends each year when you unpack them for the season.

  17. Meal plan to reduce food waste, reduce your consumption of products that require lots of energy and resources to produce and/or import

  18. Stop buying bottled water - if tap water isn't safe in your country, invest in a drinking water filter

  19. Compost organic waste

  20. If you have a garden at home or at a friend's or family member's place, grow your own veggies, fruit and herbs (und use your own compost!)

Which habits will you be adding to your list of green habits for the next year?

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