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Plastic Polluted Ocean


After thorough investigation, we've partnered with a supplier based in Indonesia. They hold the same morals and values as we do, from ethical production to high quality products. Every purchase you make from us helps to clean up our oceans and create a better future for women and our communities.

For every purchase you make, proceeds go to ROLE Foundation and BALI WISE. ROLE Foundation runs a zero-waste facility and environmental development programs in Bali. Their vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities. BALI WISE is a women’s business education and development program. In the times of COVID, additional support goes to the work of SOS Indonesia, who are helping to feed those in dire need.

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How is my XALI swimwear made?

We're proud to be working with an ethical supplier and have listed their business practices down below. 

  • Using recycled fabrics from ECONYL yarns (made from ocean waste) or American REPREVE (recycled plastic bottles)

  • All prints made from eco-ink

  • All products come packaged in biodegradable tapioca bags made out of corn starch

  • Shipping mailers are reusable if cut correctly and 100% compostable

  • Exceeding minimum labour standards by far, in business, production and sourcing practices: all staff are paid above award wages at up to three times the standard

  • Staff negotiates their own contracts and salaries

  • All staff provided with comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their family

  • Working hours are less than 40h/week, meal allowance is included - any overtime (voluntary) is paid accordingly

  • All staff gets paid an extra month of salary annually

  • Profit-sharing scheme that is paid annually, of which staff at all levels are included

  • Ongoing worker engagement in business development and decision making

  • Providing opportunities in worker training, capacity building and personal development

  • Business English training by EF is offered for free on a regular basis

  • Arranging free Zumba dancing and soccer practice for all staff who would like to join

  • Regularly educating staff on how to keep the environment in mind, around waste management and more

  • Succeeded in banning plastic water bottles on-site


On our end internally we also take further measures. Any of our fabric waste is recycled again externally. We minimise use of single-serving and plastics at our premises, all staff are given free metal water bottles, and as mentioned, we educate staff about waste management at work and home."

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